The world through my lens – a resume of my photos

Below a quick resume of my, at least, last 30 years of photos, around the world and at home.

My philosophy is that if you don’t see the beauty in a blade of grass in the garden below your home, there is no sense to travel abroad, you’ll never found anywhere.

So the shots start from my home beloved cats, to the cities where I lived, catastrophes and beautiness and travels around the world or inside myself, but anyway I can say that I was there and that is what I see or feel.

I not expect that everyone like it, I just want to make you think by yourself, shake your brain, see things in a different  way, by starting from mine and open your mind.

A “flying ship” in Iceland

My beloved cat, disappeared aged 1,5 years

Through the alleys of Tangier, this children ahead, tried to stop me, I don’t know exactly if for my motorbike or for my money or just to speak with me. I was feeling insecure and I not stopped, so I’ll never know.

The alleys of Tangier are so tight that you have trouble getting around even with the bike.

Ended of the travel inside me, I tried to do some kitesurf in the south of Maroc, close to desert, without much success.

An oasis in the desert Maroc highway, the gasoline station, temperature around 44°, hot like an oven but dry. Strange feelings feeled.

One of a few two  wheels motors seen in Maroc. You are not alone.

A part of the travel I have done with a couple of friends known there on motorbike too. The streets close to the sea remember to me a race circuit.

Everyone should pass some of his time with immigrants, just to understand that are absolutely not so different from you.

This shop windows remember me at orrible things happen in the past, and still today in somewhere. Anyway I was also been attracted by the colors.

A dazzling ancient house, make me feel sad. Anyway if it is began to be a prison, it is better to go away.

A peaceful rest in the desert gasoline station in the desert. With my main equipment.

Harsh view. Where is the cat?

An extreme toll parking.

Dark clouds over the boat.

Immigrants family on board.

 A Japanese child fish close his father. But you can just see the father tip of the fishing rod.

Out from a dive, the boat and the coast are quite far away.

The world seen from the fish point of view.


Two scared barracudas are passing close.

Another communication way

Another communication way

Do you see the moon? Just follow the arrow!

In Toulouse, also the extra trash look like piled in a gentle way

Someone seems to have understood my feelings


Surfers tribe in Atlantic side of the France

Beauty or misery?

Self Portrait?

Souvenir from the Berlin wall in Bruxelles

Silver fox baby in Iceland

Magic Manchester under the snow

Pelicans row on sunset line, California 1989

Photo from the photo contest Yesterday and Today (Yesterday)

Photo from the photo contest Yesterday and Today (Today)

My beloved cat disappeared at age 1 year

Photo of Monaco beach

My beloved cat, died at age 14 for kidney problems

Free your mind in a free way

Photo from the FCC at Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Sealing away

Castaway Beach bar and Hotel Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

“The beauty will save the world” – photo on cambodian village, arrived 3d at the radio photo contest on social media “The beauty will save the world”

Self portrait




Taxi Driver (a young Jodie Foster)

Satellite of love?

Piedmont flood 1994

Piedmont flood 1994

Ninphee of Claude Monèt

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